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Covid 19

We love to take you on tour!

Our commitment:


- Arrange meeting locations which allow for optimal physical distancing - for instance, open areas free from crowding.

- Actively protect travelers from others who are not respecting their space or adhering to safety measures.

- Plan routes and itineraries to avoid crowds and busy periods.

- Schedule regular hand washing breaks.

We hope that providing this reassurance to travelers will get us one step closer to returning to the “normal” all of our livelihoods depend upon. 

Stay safe and well,

- Do not go on tour if you, or someone with whom you have been in contact, are sick or are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms (such as cough, fever, shortness of breath).

- Vehicles to be sanitized (interiors and door handles) before and after each tour.

- Hand sanitizer, spare masks and wipes to be available at all times.

- Wear masks while in enclosed spaces, like vehicles or museums.

- Be aware of and respect local health and safety regulations and advisories.

We also expect guides and travelers to continue to embrace the “new normal” we’ve all become accustomed to: Wash/sanitize hands frequently; Cough or sneeze only into a closed elbow; Avoid shared items; Maintain physical distance between yourself and those outside your bubble.

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