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There is so much to be done, seen and eaten…

Being out and about while looking for new places to share with our visitors, I want to feed my soul as well as my body. Starting the day with a delicious coffee and croissant, I sample some handmade chocolates before the trails of Tawharanui Regional Park are beckoning. This natural paradise covers the end of a peninsula with trails through wetlands and along coastal cliffs, with dramatic views across the Hauraki Gulf. The bush has been colonised by native birds now rarely seen elsewhere, including takahe, bellbirds, saddlebacks and native robins which offer a free “concert” at times. Tawharanui is an open sanctuary, fenced off from predators such as possums and rats but WE are allowed in.

After a couple hours walking, I look forward to a light lunch at one of the many great vineyards. Before heading back to the City of Sails, I stop at my favourite book shop and Gelato place and wish I could stay longer. A perfect day in paradise!

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